This article is written for you if you ask yourself “I am a beginner in Asrius and what should I do?” Don’t worry, we are going tell you what you must do. We can consider that in four main step:

  1. Decide your purpose
  2. Choose your strategy
  3. Improve your colony according to your strategy
  4. Check yourself and take precautions

Decide your purpose

Everyone can choose a different path in Asrius. Someone chooses team working to create a big and invincible union. Another players choose his/her own path. Some of them play aggressively so they want to capture all rebels and players around the map. Some players are quite soft and they want to improve their civilizations or just survive. So we want you to make a choice from those or another purpose. Remember that each purpose is a kind of war and you must fight your own battle.

Choose your strategy

Strategy is the way you follow to reach the purpose. You will have some sources and it is all about how you can use them efficiently. You will not be alone at the beginning of the game. Your adviser Asria will guide you and she helps founding your colony base. Then choose the way to approach your purpose. You can do military investigations to build a colossal army or you can be a resource broker who manipulates the world.

Improve your colony according to your strategy

Don’t forget! Asrius is a live game and you cannot pause it so you must always improve and develope your colony. Here we have some hints for you. Always follow your units and do not let them waiting idle. You can improve as much as you employ units to gain resources. What strategy you choose, this two issues are very important. Always build structures to get resources and do not neglect defence of your colony.

Check yourself and take precautions

It is important to find the balance. Units and structures increase your consumptions and you can find yourself in an economic crisis suddenly. Take additional precautions to prevent overspending. Always check your production and try to keep it constant. Check other players population beacuse population is one of the progress indicators. You may also check yourself in player ranking list. Tend to get higher in ranking and compare you with other players around you.

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