Asrius is a wide game world so it is hard to explain it with few words. But shortly we can say that Asrius is an online game platform you can play on your browser without download or setup. It is also free so you don’t pay price for registering and no licence payment.

Beyond our observable universe, in Asrius, it is not enough being a good warrior. It is also important to be a good strategist because Asrius is a strategy game in which you manage your resources. You have various resources in the game and they can be used for different purposes, training units, building structures, trading fighting etc.

Asrius presents you  a real time game experience.  Challange online players from all around the world or make alliances with them. Because there is only one purpose for everyone: Building en empire from the galactic ruin! Start now if you want to rise an empire. You don’t want to miss to witness for that glorious saga.

Learn something about Asrius history.

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