Quantum stone is a very special item which gives you extra power. It provides some advantages for the player:

  • Finish the constructions instantly for 2500 coins.
  • Simulate wars before attacking and see the approximate results.
  • Special offers for your orders in exchange center
  • Asria shows your idle units and you can employ them easily.
  • Asria and General Caen advises you something about the game.
  • Summon all troops on the capital by one click.
  • Convert staff to citizen back.
  • Easy maneuvering of the army
  • Range bar and easy handling of structrues
  • Faster training options
  • No waiting an hour for the new diplomacy with the same player
  • Display stock exchange orders detail

You pay coin price of quantum stone to activate it. It remains 3 days and you must pay the price again to continue advantage of quantum stone.

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