People who are aware of the threat began to leave from Clenda. They went to colonies at far distance. Just a few immigrants had left the planet and majority of the people went on their lives but it wouldn’t last long.

In the universe, humanity is able to do lots of great things but resisting an old star is not one of them. Droenan had already destroyed itself during the rat race. Nobody knew that because catastrophic messenger photons from the dead star had not arrived the planet yet. The distance between the star and the planet was 2 light years and it means that lights from Droenan arrived Clenda in 2 years. So they were still looking at sight 2 years before. That was a universal illusion that brings Clendians to the end.

Droenan had exploded as a supernova. Nobody wants to stand against a supernova because burning beams spread all around the star. If a massive star explodes, scorching gamma rays destroy all the things at the distance about few light years. Energy of gamma rays decrease while photons travel along the far distance but the photons from Droenan supernova had enough power to evaporate a planet at a distance of 2 light years.

Clendians who stay on the planet had no time to say goodbye to their wives, children, mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. The magnetic field – the only defence – of Clenda was crushed under dreadful gamma rays. Atmosphere disintegrated. The people outside suddenly became blind but it didn’t take long. Their flesh roasted as soon as they saw the bright lights of supernova. After a very short time all people on the planet died because of quick increasing of heat and collapsing the surface. Clenda started to melt then evaporated. Droenan exterminated planet Clenda in a couple of hour.

The colonies which are close to Clenda were affected and damaged. Some of them were destroyed like Clenda and some of them at far distance affected less. Clendians’ home had gone and worse things were waiting for the people.

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