Nobody would know the doomsday were coming. Every person was busy with their business so it was not expected such a catastrophe except a few scientists.

Professor Baleo who is the president of Astrophysics Deparment in Central Academy discovered threat of Droenan Star first. It was at the end of its life and very close to Planet Clenda. The distance between Clenda and Droenan was less than 2 light years and the star had a very big mass. That meant that there was no such a big threat against Clenda except old star Droenan.

Professor and his colleagues published their discovery and studies but few people cared them. Baleo tried to form community about the danger. He briefed the government but he failed. No one thought that was a possible scenario. The president of the government was worrying about different issues so opposition had exposed his some corruptions. Political matters was more important than the fate of the planet.

Despite of common indifference, Professor and his friends succeeded to raise awareness in academia. Unfortunately, although their advanced technology they were inadequate to prevent that possible catastrophe. The light speed was the biggest obstacle for them. They needed something faster than the light but there is no such thing.

They thought using the power of quantum stone. A facility that informs about the activities of Droenan star early enough could be built by using quantum stone. Quantum stone had enough power that provides ability to interfere spacetime and quantum mechanics so it would be useful to prevent the apocalypse, at least for creating an early warning system.

However, such a facility was too expensive and required too many time. Scientists didn’t know how many time they had. They hoped and relied on their fate so decided to appeal government for building that facility. But they were rejected. Despite all the struggle, government refused the fund they requested so there was only one option left.

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