On this page, we try to explain how you can manage resources and obtain efficiency.

Types of resources

We classify the resources in three groups according to usage of them:

Resource of population:


Resource of economy:


Resource of infrastructure:


Industrial resources:

carbon fiber




All resources are produced in related structures with related employees.

food: It is produced in farms, plantations and food factories. Workers are employed for food production.

coin: It is produced in stores, malls and export centers. Merchants are employed for coin production.

tech: It is produced in academies and tech institutes. Scientists are employed for tech production.

carbon fiber: It is produced in metal plants. Workers are employed for carbon fiber production.

fuel: It is produced in refineries. Workers are employed for fuel production.

uranium: It is produced in nuclear plants. Workers are employed for uranium production.


There are two types of consumable resources: food & fuel.

Human units consume food and machines consume fuel. Every unit has a different consumption of resources. For example; tank comsumes 3 fuel per hour and engineer consumes 1 food per hour.


Buildings, trainings and researches require various resources with different quantities. So you should know what you need according to your strategy and necessity. And then you build structures which supplies your requirements and train staff who will be employed.

It is important to consider that how much resources you have. Estimate how many structures and units you need and determine the time you complete them. Set yourself minor targets to reach major target. For example; you want to increase the number of aircraft. First, you must research it if you haven’t yet. View the tech quantity for aircraft research. Then, compare your current tech and calculate your tech requirement. Wait until you have the required tech if your production rate of tech is high. Or increase the number of academy and train more scientist to boost tech production.

You must always monitor your food and fuel production. If they are under zero, they begin decreasing and if your stock goes under zero, units will be terminated depending on lack of food or fuel. Laborers, merchants, scientists, engineers and soldiers decrease automatically beacuse of lack of food. Tanks, helicopters, mobile sams, aircrafts, missiles and nuclear bombs decrease automatically beacuse of lack of fuel. It causes damage your status in the game so you should be careful about food and fuel.

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