Quantum stone is an extraordinary element that is used for changing laws of physics. About 1000 years before The Apocalypse, Clendian scientists explore the quantum stone mine. It looked like a crystal but there was something different about the stone.

Although ordinary view of the element there was a weird situation because time sense was changing around the mine. They decided to take measurements and the results were confusing. Scientists thought quantum stone contained undiscovered subatomic particles that changes spacetime and atomic formation of matter.

They continued testing the element in particle accelerators and they saw the scientists were right. It consists of unknown subatomic particles. So they named it as quantum stone. That would change all the rules of the universe.

Clendian scientists discovered many secrets of the universe by using quantum stone. They understood matter antimatter imbalance, speed of light, dark matter, dark energy and a lot of issues waiting for discovery. Thus, improvements and inventions followed the quantum stone discovery because they learnt how to use it.

In centuries, Clendians succeeded to change spacetime on a small scale and it was enough to travel far corners of the galaxy. They founded new colonizations at far distance and became the rulers of the Asrius. However, the universe does not let domination of rulers because the only ruler is the universe itself. Despite of all powers and wisdoms from quantum stone Clendians couldn’t prevent The Apocalypse.

Quantum stone was a very rare element even more than gold, platinum or uranium. Scientists thought that it was created in early time of the universe after big bang. It could be formed in the core of a young massive star or a giant black hole had contributed the formation of quantum stone. They would never know that precisely but they knew it must be protected very hard.

Quantum stone wasn’t let use by anyone except scientists under control of the government. Despite of all the precautions, they couldn’t prevent smuggling of quantum stone. It is used for trading between smugglers for many years even sometimes government trade the element with smugglers to remove lack of quantum stone. Someone try to get it by illegal mine excavation. In this way quantum stone spreaded throughout the Asrius.

Unfortunately, Planet Clenda was the unique known source of quantum stone. Clendians studied thousands of far planets, looked for quantum stone but they failed. They had decided to leave Asrius and visit other galaxies for quantum stone but the old star Droenan didn’t let this happens.

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