Asrius wars occure between two or more players on someone’s zone. The owner of the zone is the defender. Other players who contribute to war are could be there for different purposes: Attack, deploy or reinforcement.

All military operations are managed on military operation page of related zone to where troops are sent. To do this go to sky map () and click the coordinate of the zone you want to begin operation.

Important! Military operations are irreversible orders. Be careful before sending an army to somewhere because you cannot take back the army you sent. 

Types of military operation


You attack to someone directly by checking attack and set the number of your troops or you are able to move an army on the other zone if you have active quantum stone. The troops you sent will attack as soon as they arrive and you will see the war report immediately.


You deploy your army if you do not want to attack directly and wait for the right time. Troops will be waiting when they arrive the zone. If you choose deployment, you can attack whenever you want. Remember that the owner of the zone would attack to your army, too, to remove your forces from the zone. Deployed armies can be moved to another from the deployment zone.


By choosing reinforcement, you send military support to other zones against the threads. You may want to protect a zone which you plan to occupy in the future or some of your friends zone could be in danger. Reinforcement choice is used for those situations. Remember that you cannot deploy or attack to zones you reinforced or you cannot send reinforcement to zones you deploy or attack.

Movement of the armies

You can move your armies which is deployed or reinforced on zones by clicking icon. Set the coordinate you want to send the army and choose operation type. Troops will be moved to the zone you want from the current zone.



pulls back your troops.


attacks with deployed armies in 10 seconds to deployment zone.


capture the adjacent zone if there is no troops left.

Counter attack / repel

does a counter attack to deployed armies on your zone.

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