Servers & Register & Login

There are several game servers that has already been started. If you want to join one of them, choose the server from Asrius Homepage then register via your e-mail address, username and password. You should activate your account with activation url which is sent to your e-mail address. Check spam or junk boxes or send activation code again to your e-mail. After activation you can start the game. You can play with same e-mail and username on different servers but it is forbidden to create multiple accounts via different usernames on the same server. Your accounts will be banned when multiple accounts are detected.

Colonies and Zones

Asrius game world consists of colonies. Every player has a colony and colonies consist of zones. When you start the game you have a colony which has a zone. The beginning zone is your main zone you build your structures on that zone.


There are various resources in Asrius. Click here to get more information about resources and resource management.


Items help you about something. For example; quantum stone gives you extra advanced features in the game. You can see, bought or sell items by clicking on the bottom right corner of the screen. If you want to use an item you, you should click on it then click free slots which contain (plus) icon. Some of items have expiry times and some of them can be used infinitely.


Adviser Asria, General Caen and Traveler Hugh are your consultants and everyone helps you about their specialty. Adviser shows you your staff, common progress (building, training, research) status and transactions in stock exchange. In addition, she gives you tasks at the beginning of the game to adopt you the game quickly. General shows military informations and army status. Traveler Hugh takes you campaigns and you may gain some prizes.


Click here to get more information about Asria’ s tasks.

Create Structure

You build your structures on your zones; to do that click any (plus) icon choose the structure you want to build. You have to consider that you should have sufficient resources to start construction. Wait countdown ending and your structure will be ready. It is important to have available required engineer for building a structure. If you don’t have enough, you can train engineer in academy or unemploy required number of employed engineer from structures.

Create Units

Unit training is made in different structures. Staff units are trained in academy, soldiers are trained in military academy and other military units train in military factory and defence ministry.

Economic Activities

Stock exchange is a marketplace which you export your resources. You may gain coin in stock exchange or you can buy the resources you need. Click here to get more information about stock exchange.

Army & Wars & Expansion

Click here to get more information about military actions or click here for military units.


Click here to get more information about federations.


Rebels are auto-players which is created by system. They only occupy their zones. Although they have armies they don’t attack a real player, just use their military units for defence. You can negotiate with rebels to get tribute, or invade their zones with your army and conquer them.


Campaigns are various adventures which Traveler Hugh takes you. Every campaign has a different time to end and you have to wait coming back to get new one. At the end of the campaign you may get some prizes but there is a possibility that you may return empty-handed from the campaign. Long-distance campaigns are very hard but their prizes would be precious.

Player Ranking & Medals

You have a rank due to your score. Scores are estimated according to amount of resource per citizen, amount of killed units by yourself and number of your zone. Every week, three players who have the highest scores get medals and their name is written on hall of fame.

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