In Asrius, there are different ways of getting resources.

1. Production

Production is the basic way to get resources. Every resource is produced in related buildings with employed producer staff. Resource production increases with number of structures and employing staff.

2. Tribute from rebels

You can negotiate with rebels when you deploy your troops on their zones. At least, you need one soldier to negotiate with a rebel. If you succeed to daunt a rebel you will get what you need. Getting resource from a rebel is more possible than getting troops or capturing the zone rebel has. Sometimes you may succeed getting something from a rebel at one time but sometimes you return empty handed. You can make 3 requests from a rebel in an hour. Tributes from rebels are very useful at the beginning of the game but later number of rebels are going to begin decreasing because of increment of occupying by players.

3. Stock exchange

Trade will provide you resources in stock exchange. Sell your excess resources with a good profit and buy you need or look for a cheap offer. You will earn resources by that way. Click here for more information about stock exchange.

4. Campaigns

Travel far corners of space with Traveler Hugh. Many adventures are waiting for you and you will have some prize at the end of the campaign but sometimes you may return empty-handed. Never give up, keep trying. There several campaign types according to difficulty. The hard ones may give you precious gifts although they’ re long and very difficult missions.

5. Conquest

For every zone you occupy, you get the resources and some units. But this is not sustainable way to get resource because wider borders needs wider defence. So you should protect your zones and you need extra defensive power for this.

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