Governor of Pixot, Hyen had a son who assisted him and he was with his father in negotiations. Fawel wanted from hackers to send a fake message from the son to governor of Arctorc colony. The content of message had some secret offers, included to kill father Hyen. That message was not enough to convice Pixot to attack. Fawel sent an assassin to assassinate Hyen. He wanted from his assassin to kill Governor of Pixot Hyen also he informed Hyen about assasination and show him the fake message he wrote. Fawel had took precautions for the his assassin. When he tried to kill Hyen Fawel’s guards captured and arrested him. Hyen was deceived by Fawel and believed his son’s fake message because hackers had achieved to encrypt the message with private seal of Hyen’s son. Hyen ordered to arrest his son. Fawel played well. Hyen was completely on his side. But he hadn’t been convinced to attack yet. Fortunately, creditors were in enemy status for Pixot. All he needed was a tiny spark.

By chance, creditors army began to move toward Truamin colony to test the defence. They moved the army and came closer. Harassment flights was seen over Truamin colony. Fawel wished to answer them but Alliance powers kept the stability and did not hit back. The siege had lasted over a month.

There was a tension between colonies and something happened that increase it. A news came from Ryand colony. Ryand was besieged by creditors and they threatened Ryand, they would attack if Ryand army did not withdraw. It was the last drop that makes the glass overflow. Armies had stayed their positions and there was no blood in the war until the Axell The Governor of Ryand heard the news of siege. He was a very angry man and he felt humiliated. So Axell gave a counter attack order and he went for reinforcement with the army which was waiting on Truamin.

Ryand colony was at the same sector with Truamin and the distance between two colonies was not too much. Axell’s battleship came closer to his colony and detected a scout of enemy around the colony. He sent an aircraft and destroyed the scout. So the first blood was shed.

Then creditors attacked Ryand. Everone was expecting a war in Truamin but the war occured in another colony. At the same time, creditors assaulted Truamin and they were answered by alliance forces. Both of two sides had too many loss. On the other side, in Ryand, there was a harsh combat. Ryand forces did great harm to the enemy army so creditors had to retreat.

That was the first fight of the war which would remain decades. Pixot and others found new allies and they began counter attacks against the enemy. Creditors also called their allies for battle. 73 colonies and 6 sectors joint the war. They sieged each other and the the war which named First Blood Wars lasted 55 years.

At the end of the war, the number of killed people was over a million. First, the colonies of Sector 20 and Sector 24 published a joint statement and declared that they retrated from the war. Then, other colonies called truce. All colonies signed a pact that ended the war. First Blood Wars was the first war which colonies fighted with each other.

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