Fawel was old, tired and indigent but still a cunning politician he was. He negotiated with other strong colonies and explained the situation. Pixot colony was the one of them and thay had powerful army. Fawel convinced Pixot governor against the threat of creditors because no one could risk that another colony kept control of such an energy resource. Fawel found three more allies and they supported Truamin colony againsr creditors. He saved the day and the people began to support him again.

Creditors had warned him several times about repayment and seizure of refineries. Fawel offered them to pay back some part of money but they did not accept because the real intent of creditors was fuel refineries of Truamins. Creditors asserted the interest. Finally, Army of creditor colonies set forth to take what they wanted.

Creditors army had come to siege Truamin colony. They thought it would be very easy but they surprised against the thing they saw. Alliance army had met them. They did not risk attack but they did not want to withdraw. Army of creditors contented 12,000 infantries, 500 tanks, 1200 aircrafts and 74 missiles. However, the counter forces had 15,000 infantries, 5,000 mechanized infantries, 250 helicopters, 60 tanks and 120 missiles. Creditors deployed the army and waited. They did not want to have new enemies so sent ambassadors to each alliance colonies.

It was time to diplomacy. Creditors (Arctorc, Yassi, Glenda) and Alliance (Truamin, Pixot, Ryand, Iry) began diplomatic meetings and negotiations. Creditors still wanted to take Truamin fuels and created a strategy about sharing this sources. Fawel noticed that was a dangerous strategy for Truamins. His colony might be shared between six colonies. Pixot is the most powerful colony between them and if the governor of Pixot was convinced, others would follow him. That would be the end of Truamin colony.

Fawel thought long and decided to play a game, a dangerous game. He met governor of Pixot frequently and offered him privileges about fuel supply to Pixot. He was trying to keep Pixot his side. On the other side, he was keeping on trying to infiltrate in creditors army by his computer hackers. He failed because the digital defense mechanism of creditors army was very strong. There was only one option he could try.

By the way, Iry colony had betrayed and declared that they were no more ally and passed to the other side. Iry was the colony which had the least military forces but alliance had lost some part of their power. Fawel decided to act before creditors took his allies one by one. He couldn’t achieve to infiltrate enemy system but he had access to alliance central system. Fawel’s hackers succeeded to leak information from private system of Pixot.

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