At the beginning of the exile era, there was a chaos between the colonies because of lack of central authority. Asrians were not used to crisis and they panicked because they didn’t face such a bad situation before.

There was a colony that something was not going well. They called Truamins themselves. Truamin colony produced fuel mostly and they traded their production with Clenda planet, also they sold their fuel to neighborhoods in Section 21. That was the only income they had. The fuel which is produced at Truamin refineries was the best one and it had the highest efficiency in Asrius.

They were rich but the doomsday had come and Clenda was destroyed. The main part of Truamin income had gone. The wealth of the colony were consumed following decades. They had no enough money to get food and other needs. Thet had excess fuel but they could not achieve to trade it other colonies because people need food first to survive, not fuel. The old governor of Truamin, Fawel wanted debts from friendly colonies. Few colonies gave positive response to Fawel’s request and that was not enough.

Truamins were going bad day by day. Some people began to take refuge in other colonies. The day of repayments had come but treasure of the colony was empty. Creditors was at the door to take back their moneys. Fawel tried to convince them but he failed. Creditor colonies wanted to distrain refineries of Truamin. The governor strongly opposed to this proposal. “It is better to drain all my fuel into space” he said to ambassador of creditors.

There were three creditor colonies loaned to Truamin colony, Arctorc and Yassi collonies from Sector 21 and Glenda from Sector 22. Governor Fawel rejected them but he knew that circumstance would be very bad. Fawel waited the next move of creditors and it would probably be a military action.

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