Sector 4 was a very important and strategic zone of Asrius. Before the doomsday, the government had established a group of colony to produce and keep valuable resources on Sector 4. It was a secret zone because most of the resources that Clendians’ civilization needs was stored there. Sector 4 was the heart of the Clenda.

The coordinates of Sector 4 was known by a few government officers. Even the president didn’t know where the zone was but authorized for only make transfers and monitor the transactions. The zone was protected very well. A special army was dedicated for the guard of Sector 4. The soldiers in that army had no familiy and they couldn’t be assigned to another place. As the soldiers, workers and other staff who lives on Sector 4 was born there and no foreigners could enter there.

Sector 4 was at a far distance form Clenda. It was not effected from Droenan explosion but a different doom was waiting the colonies. After the extinction of Clenda, Sector 4 survived many years. No one knew the secret store of Clendians until dissension cropped up between people of Sector 4. Workers wanted more authority about the management of the Sector 4 colonies. But governors didn’t want that. Then workers organised well and started to strike work. Economy of Sector 4 was going bad because production was nearly ended.

Governors tried to take precautions to prevent civil war. Military precautions was the first one and it worked for a short time. The order was settled in the colonies. After that hard precaution, public class occured: Workers and officers. Workers class occured by common people. And officers class occured by staff who leads governors. This two classes became enemy of each other in time.

The population was going down. Governors needed more soldiers to maintain the order. According to Sector 4 laws, members of the army had no rights to have family. But it was changed by governors because they had lack of population. Everyone who wanted to join the army could become a soldier and army and public became intricate.

Through the many years, Sector 4 stood well but workers were still unhappy for their situation. A young worker, named Shoan, was very eager for a revolution. He banded together the people who thought like him. In Shoan’s leadership, a new formation took place. There were many soldiers in that formation because the army was full of children of workers. Governors detected the formation but it was too late. The formation was named RAG (Rebellion Against Government) and the members who joint the RAG named Rebels.

RAG had a powerful military force because lots of soldiers whose family was worker had joint the RAG Army. They seized some colonies in Sector 4 and captured them. Some governors were taken prisoner and some of them were killed. Rebels had captured half of the colonies of Sector 4.

Other half of Sector 4 was resisting against rebels. They were still strong and believed they withstood, thought they could even destroy the rebels. Finally, army of the governors acted and attacked the rebels. Two armies clashed terrifyingly. Governors landed thousands of infantries to the colonies of rebels. Also they made air strikes and destroyed many rebel headquarters. Governors captured some colonies of rebels and thought they would defeat RAG. But the leader of rebels had another plan.

Shoan weren’t fighting with all forces. He withdraw his forces and make them thought he retreated. Governors forces were moving forward to rebels colonies but they didn’t know that Shoan had a deadly weapon. 37 nuclear bombs were on the way to destroy the colonies of governors. Nukes had been hiding since the government time before the doomsday in one of the Section 4 colonies and rebels would find them.

As soon as rebels hit the colonies of governors with nukes and destroyed them, they began to fight back against governors army. RAG force crushed governers troops. Governors were defeated by rebels and there were 2 million dead people after 2 days of the battle. Many colonies were destroyed and lots of resources were consumed. Sector 4 which was known with its wealth became the main base of rebels. Shoan the rebel leader spread the rebellion forces around The Asrius.

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