Federations are the unions of players. Anyone who reaches to 10,000 population is able to found a federation and combine players together. The player group of a federation acts together and watches each other’s back. It means that the players in the same federation are allies. Allies don’t attack themselves and always cooperate.

Joining a federation

There are two ways of joining a founded federation. First, you apply for membership; second, get invited from a federation. When the confirmation is done, new member and the administrators of the federation will be informed with a message.

Structure of a federation

Federations have a founder player who has all the authorizations. The founder can give authorization to some members and appoint them as moderators. Moderators have the authority like founder except appointment of someone as a moderator and abolishing the federation. The founder and moderators form the administration of a federation.

Federations can be organised in hierarchical structure. Federation administrators can send invitation to another federation to ask for being sub-federation. So there will be a great formation of friendly federations. When you click icon on the federation page, you see the organization of alliances of federations.

Federation treasure

Every federation has a treasure that is formed by donations of members. The main purpose of treasure is winning the game. Resources can be sent to another player or federation from the treasure. You can view transactions of treasure on transactions tab when you click icon. The limit of resource donation to treasure is 10,000 and the limit of sending resource from treasure is 2,000 at once. Every member can donate resources but just administrators can send resources from the treasure.

Federation scores

Score of a federation indicates its power. The score is determined from sum of players total scores and federations are listed according to their score in federations list. Scores are updated everyday.

Level of Federation

The federation members who build the Universal Asrius Empire win the game. To do that, you have to upgrade your federation level 10. Each level has a cost which increases according to level requirement. There must be sufficient resources in federation treasure to upgrade the federation.

LevelTitleMember capacityFoodCoinTechC.fiberFuelUranium
7Galactic colonization803500000024000000100000001500000050000001500000
8Stellar empire907200000050000000170000002400000080000002500000
9Galaxy empire100124000000790000002500000060000000100000005000000
10Universal empire-200000000100000000500000001200000002000000010000000


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