Asrius is a very large galaxy beyond the observable universe. There are several planets on which the life exists in different points of the galaxy. But there was only one planet called Clenda, which hosts the humanity. It was a member of double star system and turning around the double stars, alpha-Toa and beta-Toa.

Clenda was a beautiful world with its plants, animals, climates and the whole nature, but we cannot say the same things about its fate. People with advanced civilization lived on Clenda. Some part of their lives was like us but some was different. Underground resource types of Clenda is familiar like Earth. Gold, silver, petroleum, coal, uranium etc. were some of the most using resources of the planet. But Clenda people explored an unknown energy resource. That resource was providing a large amount of energy that can change spacetime and the variables of the quantum mechanics in small-scale. Clendians – Clenda people – succeeded using that resource under control and called it quantum stone.

By using quantum stone, they extended the time, produced durable generations and evolved superhumans whose lifetime was about 250-300 years for a person in centuries. Clendians used quantum stones to learn secrets of the universe. They reached far corners of Asrius and began establishing colonies. Every colony contributed trading and manufacturing so it is led increasing welfare of the people. Everything was going very well for Clendians.

However, mother-nature does not allow such a good progress in the universe. Although some warnings, nobody cared about old Droenan Star at a distance of about 2 light years to Clenda. The star was very old and close to end of its life. Some scientists tried to warn people, but few people care about them. Eventually, scientists vindicated and Droenan exploded as a supernova. Clendians became aware of their Apocalypse but it was too late. The people over the ground roasted as soon as the scorching rays reached from supernova. The deadly energy released from the star had shook the planet. The ground collapsed and the surface of the planet began to evaporate. Clenda was completely destroyed by an old star in a few minutes with the people.

Clenda had gone but all Clendians not. Although close ones were demolished, the colonies of Clenda at far distance could survive. They tried to gather their strength again. Never called Clenda name since it is thought associated with doomsday. The old Clendians named their colonial union as the name of their galaxy, Asrius and called themselves as Asrians. Clenda was an ancient name which was written on dusty pages of history. Asrians would never have old glorious days because the source of quantum stone had gone with Clenda. Just few stones left throughout the Asrius and their powers were limited. The quantum stone became a rare and very valuable resource. But that was not the only thing to worry about.

Clenda was ruled by a central global government before the apocalypse. All the colonies were bound to CGG. Disagreements increased between the colonies after the doomsday because of lack of authority. Economic crisis began and most of them suffered from starvation because the balance was broken. The number of opportunists increased and smugglers took advantage of the crisis to make their fortune. Some groups called as rebels captured the most of the colonies, cruelty was spreading throughout Asrius.

Free colonies were resisting and succeeded to survive against rebels but they were weak and unorganized. They have been fighting for 1000 years. All they need is a galactic unity to get rid of rebels. Now, Asrians are waiting for a hero who will make the old ancient days live again.

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