Asria was born in Vofka colony, 562 AD (after doomsday). She is a 425 year-old young woman. She was a child when rebels occupied her colony. She lost her mother first. Her father sent Asria to another colony where her aunt lives, but he could not come together with his daughter again. He was ambushed by rebels while runaway.

Aunt Liz was an engineer in Polou colony. She made her learn science, economy, history and personally cared her education. Asria was a genius girl so that became the chief adviser to the president of Polou when she was 320. After 24 years the president died and she governed the colony. Polou improved very fast because of her clever politics. People loved her and she became a leader in time.

But it did not take long for the rebels to recognize Polou’ s rising. Polou resisted although they attacked one after another. Rebels wanted to capture their wealth because Polou had become the richest colony of Asrius. Although its big power, unfortunately the resistance of Polou started to weaken. Asria tried diplomacy with rebels also she asked for help another colonies but abandoned to death.

Polou was besieged completely by rebels. Their resources were almost consumed. There was only one way to survive. Asria decided to runaway with her people. They collected all resources and weapons remained. Asria attacked to rebels with all her power and succeeded to split the siege. She lost most of her power and half of people were killed or fell captive to rebels. The survivors continue to live a life of exile.

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