Modern people of Asrius (Asrians) divides their history into five eras according to some important milestones: Dark era, primitive era, innovation era, quantum era, exile era. Now, Asrians are in exile era which has begun since the doomsday. Exile era is the unique age which is out of Clenda. Other four were on the planet where Asrians (they were called Clendians before) lived on. There are some sub-ages in historical eras but we see the main ages of Asrius people.

Note: Years of every era begin from 1. Number of years in parentheses indicate how long the age lasted 

DARK ERA (7,000,000 YEARS)

As the name of the age, we have no data about dark era because of no documents. The only thing we know that people lived in caves and survived by hunting. We can call them as pre-human so they were the first owners of the planet Clenda. Bone remains which was found with archaeological excavations says that the oldest people lived 7 million years ago on Clenda.


With the first written documents, primitive era began. In early primitive era, people of Clenda were still living in caves. They had started to record something about their daily or social lives and small houses and villages were seen in that era. We also see the first agricultural activities. It’s the first time that the bases of human development have been laid.


Clenda was a very big planet and there were lots of civilizations dispersedly. Some of them had progressed well and some of them was more primitive. Humanity were evolving and developing. Curiosity of people was also growing. First, there was a number of explorers, then it became small migrations. People who lived in different regions began relocation and later, large amount of people mass began changing their locations. That named as The Big Migration which started innovation era. There were a lot of wars but interactions between different cultures and civilizations speeded up development of humanity. The basic of modern innovations occurred and CGG (Central Global Government) were established.


Quantum era started with exploration of quantum stone. Quantum stone changed evertything. Clendians made technological breakthroughs. Some of important years and milestones of the era:

  • 298: Change and control of spacetime
  • 375: Creation of superhuman
  • 721: Reaching the far corner of Asrius
  • 940: Discovery of threat of Droenan star
  • 989: Droenan supernova

For more information about quantum stone click here.


After the doomsday of Clenda, exile era has been started and now it continues. Exile era is the suffering age of Asrians. The total number of wars and killed people is higher than total of other ages. Rebels occurred in this era and no order and no authority exist in galaxy.

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