There was a chaos after the Apocalypse of Clenda. Planet Clenda was destroyed by Droenan supernova and civilization of Clendians was in danger.

The colonies at far distance were left alone and they felt abandoned. The central global government which managed Clenda and all colonies were gone, too. There was no authority anymore, maintained the order. Each colony around the galaxy had to provide own security but it was too hard.

There were various colonies. Some of them had powerful economy and production. Some of them were training mercenaries for the government and living on by this way. Some of them was too small and didn’t have enough population to survive. Even there was a feminist colony which is founded by women on a corner of Asrius. Only women were living there. About 10.000 colonies exist throughout Asrius and each of them became a state themselves after the doomsday.

Weak colonies were starving. Poverty spread among the people. Only the strong ones survived but the situation was getting worse because of rebellions. Number of smugglers and thieves increased. There were a few big colonies stood out against galactic crisis.

After decades, some of the powerful colonies tried to gather but the distance between colonies was too much. There were communication and logistic problems. Quantum stone sources had gone with Clenda and just few stones which obtained by illegal ways had left in some colonies. But even they had quantum stone, it was a useless resource because there were no technology to use it. It would take too much time to make it available again.

The Age of Rebels

The big colonies couldn’t succeed to confederate but rebels did it. After a century from the apocalypse, a rebel, named as Shoan, united the people who contribute rebellions and coordinate them. They were plundering colonies and capturing the people. The weaks couldn’t resist against them. Rebels killed many people who refused joining them. A galactic gang had come forth.

Sometimes they fought each other and survivors rebels became more powerful. They spread along the galaxy. The big coordination of rebels weakened in course of time but they kept being trouble for the colonies. All rebel colonies were armed and sometimes they raided to close colonies.

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