After the big migration on planet Clenda, innovation era began and different cultures and civilizations interacted with each other. 11th century of innovation era, Central Global Government (CGG) founded and ruled until the doomsday. Before the CGG, people had lived as small group of people and there was no central authority.

CGG managed the planet thousands of years. The government was headed by a president. In the first 3 centuries, there was a senate and the president was appointed by senate. But with the increment of population, the senate was inadequate to represent people. Thus, the senate was dissolved and Clenda divided into regions.

Each region had a governor who was affiliated to CGG. Governors were elected by the people of regions and the president of CGG was elected by governors parliament. Presidential term was 8 years. It was increased to 14 years after quantum era. The president could be deposed by governors parliament by voting before the expiry date of presidency. The president could gather governors for discussion of an important issue.

Every region had a local council and governors were the leaders of that councils. The council voted for the interior of the region. Governor had apply the decides. So regions were autonomous but if the issue was global and related to the planet, the final decision was made by the president.

This democratic system was maintained after quantum era and it worked well. The colonies had region status when space colonization started. Every colony had a governor like regions and they had remote access to CGG to join governors parliament.

CGG was destroyed with Clenda in doomsday and the central authority disappeared. Governors still rules the colonies. Now, there is a lack of authority and every colony has independent management. Some of them continue democracy but some has alredy changed their management system as reign or autocracy.

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